Picking up the top of our leaded crystal butter dish while unloading the dishwasher this morning, it slipped out of my hand. I watched helplessly as it fell to the floor in slow motion and shattered. The breaking glass had a tinkling sound, like wind chimes. It startled me. I stood frozen and began to cry. The crystal butter dish was a special gift from Joy, Elliot’s mom, in 1998. It held a permanent place in the kitchen and graced our dining table when we entertained. Its presence reminded me of Joy, her love and impact on my life.

A day earlier we’d experienced a partial solar eclipse and the summer equinox. The metaphysical message of these heavenly events asked us to: acknowledge the past and honor change as we move forward. Focus on new beginnings for yourself and for the planet. Wasn’t that what I’d been doing? Is there still more to be done? Seriously?

After contemplating this train of thought, a cacophony of voices entered my head.

The first voice boomed, “OH SHIT!” That was mine.

“If you had just been more careful and not tried to do two things at once. How many times have I said that?” My mother admonished.

“It’s just a thing. Yes, it was special, but it’s the person it represents that is the real gift. Let it go,” suggested Grandma Dorothy, my wise and loving guide.

“Why do you need an expensive butter dish? Get something practical that you don’t have to worry about,” my always sensible and economical Grandma Mary chimed in.

The surprise guest commentator was Gertrude, my mother’s college roommate, who I’d met only once! She postulated, “What butter dish? It’s gone, in the past. Stay present.”

There were more voices; I just stopped listening. So many points of view to scrutinize, internal evaluations to assess, judgments to release, goals to consider along with some time to lament the loss of the crystal butter dish I dropped this morning.

Later in the day, a friend asked, “What did Joy say? I laughed. Joy had smiled and shrugged, “Keep reflecting. Everyone has their own point of view. It’s all part of the journey.”

All this…from a butter dish?