A beacon of illumination that guides me in uncharted times.

My drawing is partly accurate and partly imagined. Aren’t most things? We are storytellers, creating narratives from our own experience, perception and values.

On June 20 and 21, the summer solstice and a partial solar eclipse open us to a shift in perception. We are asked to expand our view and listen with our hearts. The Cosmos requests that we surrender to the flow. It’s an opportunity to release the stories we’ve created through our justifying, judging and hypothesizing.

In the movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana is asked to follow three steps to reach the Holy Grail. The last step requires ‘a leap of faith.’ With an intake of breath, he steps onto a bridge that was not visible before taking the step. Trusting, he reaches the grail.

Do I trust enough to take the next step in my life? I don’t have answers; I don’t know the way forward. My resolve is to listen with the intent to understand, to come from love and kindness and to be open to new thoughts and perspectives. I look for a lighthouse, a beacon of illumination, and remain open to expand my understanding. Isn’t that why we are on this journey?