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Client Love

Kate has been providing me with her guidance for over a decade now. She is nothing short of amazing, fabulous, and wonderful. She has helped me identify and focus my energies and attention on my strengths. She has also encouraged me to raise my awareness of and subsequently work through the issues that have been hindering my success and path to happiness. Her guidance and intuition has been spot on. If you are looking for insight, wisdom, humor and love, Kate is the answer to your prayers.

Client Love

Rudy Poe

Filmmaker, Author/Speaker (Coaching, Ireland Retreat)

Kate has a significant gift for tapping into the spiritual realm and my reading with her was life changing. Things I had been sensing deep down were brought to the surface and confirmed through her highly intuitive powers. Ever since my reading, I hold dear the revelations she brought to light, and I think about them daily as they’ve had a profound influence on the choices I’ve made ever since. Also, Kate approached our session with a tremendous amount of love and compassion which made the difficulties I am facing, easier to accept and embrace. She is a wonderful spiritual guide, and I treasure her.


Aubrey Ashburn

Writer, artist, singer (Reading)

I’ve participated in an ongoing writer’s group with Kate and have taken a few of her wonderful creativity workshops. I can honestly say that Kate is a master teacher who illuminates, inspires and informs in the most delightful and encouraging of ways. She not only teaches, she awakens. If you are looking for a fun, memorable, meaningful and nourishing creative push, Kate Anders classes and guidance is the spark to ignite your flame.


Dr. Sheri Meyers

Marriage & Family Therapist, Author: Chatting or Cheating

Kate, What a joy to be with you on Saturday. Still on the high and energy I received from being with you and learning from your words and prompting. A wonderful group. I received my Maya Angelou book today – I’m going to use it with my leaders at Cabi. Many thanks – I look forward to our next time together.


Suzanne Eisenbrand

Entrepreneur CABI (Be Your Own Best Friend)

My recent reading with Kate was the second experience I’d had with her. The first was a hypnotism session she did with me in the mid-90s that changed my life. I’d been having severe problems in my marriage with my own sexuality. It was getting in the way of my ability to be intimate with my husband. On the advice of my mother, Kate put me in a hypnotic state and regressed me to a time of childhood sexual abuse that I’d buried. Her loving approach opened up the healing that ultimately saved me and my marriage. Her insights were extremely positive and empowering.

Kate is a gifted medium. I know because I came from one of the best, and my mother, Joy, knew the real deal when she saw it.


Terri Nunn

Singer/Entertainer – Berlin (Reading)

I love and appreciate readings with Kate because she is methodical, grounded and intelligent. Among Kate’s shining talents is her ability to produce “breakthroughs” in a short amount of time. Kate is a problem solver. She stays on the ball during process of nailing a problem. But she doesn’t leave you there. She stays grounded in order to uncover facades and fears.

By clearing the weeds away, she can bring up concrete ways of doing things differently. I met her during a time of major questioning — not knowing where to live or work. For the majority of my life, I have been moving around a lot, waiting for someone else to empower my work. Kate put into words — step by step — what I can do now to change that. Her reading directly reinforced my life’s purpose. When I refer her to others, I say that Kate helps with exactly what we all want: to find a real way forward.


Richard Marks

Activist/Entrepreneur (Reading)

When my son passed I was feeling guilty that I was not able to help him through his addiction. Through Kate, I was able to release the heavy feeling of guilt and know we are each on our own path. He knows how much I loved him. I am very grateful to Kate for helping me through this time. Kate is open and honest, and you will only hear the truth.


Jackie Cole

Owner, Magic FilmWorks, (Creative Journaling & Reading)

Kate Anders is a very exceptional reader. I came to consult her regarding issues of personal life transitions and how to find direction at the time. Kate’s expertise lies in guiding the client to go within and find where the answer lies, so I felt like I gained a spiritual partner on my growth path. With her gentle wisdom I felt safe enough to allow images to flow, which ideas led me to make the changes I needed.

I love her directness coupled with her delightful sense of humor, making the tricky spots far easier to face. Kate brings a variety of disciplines to her reading style, which also helped me to understand their use, such as astrology, guided imagery, and her own ‘psychic hits’. So, when my daughter visited me from Australia, I also gifted her with the benefits of a reading with Kate. Although many miles apart, I still feel the emotional support Kate lent me and her genuine warmth and caring that she brings to a session.


Miriam Serman, Ed. M.

Kate Anders informs her clients with her deep intuition and knowledge. Her insights are uncanny. She gives guidance for all life events and supports with compassion and love. I highly recommend Kate for an in-debt reading, she is a true gem!

Veda Wedman

Artist (Reading)

Thank you Kate. I listened to the tape last night…. I keep hearing your calm voice as I continue to process everything. This morning I’m feeling strong, and looking forward to sitting down and sharing this with my mom. Thank you again, I loved the session and of course have thought of a million things that I should have asked! I read briefly through your poetry, wow! I love your writing style, the emotion you evoke and your artwork is beautiful. You are amazing…quite an inspiration!

Kim Hermes

Private business owner (Reading)

Suppose I have a topic, either personal or creative, to share with Kate.  As I speak my words to her, in that moment I feel more energy and depth of urgency. Her art of listening makes my words seem more important, more substantial. Then, she takes a moment to contemplate.  Her canvass of contemplation is huge and playful. Because of her knowledge in so many areas, my story expands in her mind, like a blossom that flowers. She looks to the universe, as well as deep beneath the surface. She might ask a few questions. Then, in her own unique way,  she’ll express the connection between my ideas and the universe, like points on a large sphere, and she’ll remind me of my valuable place in the world. Remarkable! 

Client Love

Weslie Brown

Playwright and Composer (Ireland Retreat)

I had the opportunity to experience a reading and coaching session with Kate and found it very comfortable, insightful and helpful at a time when I was going through a significant personal and professional transition in my life. Kate’s reading helped provide context to my situation and her interactive coaching was a catalyst for deeper reflection on some of the opportunities in front of me as well as awareness of potential issues.


Julie Gardner

Marketing President (Reading/Coaching)

There is no finer spiritual guide today than Kate Anders. Her insights, experience and kind heart have help me and my family for years. We depend on her abilities in many ways and appreciate her knowledge of astrology, numerology and guided channeling. She is one incredible woman.


Rev. Genevieve Coleman

Kate…! Wow…do you know how AMAZING you are? What an experience that was…I’m still feeling the effects. Thank you for your trust and faith, which lead you to include me in the invitation list. I actually saw and felt our friendship deepen. Thank you for being there for me.

Emma…[my grandmother] I’ve been talking to her all day! I can’t stop smiling. I was approached by quite a few people last night. All said pretty much the same thing, that I am on the right path. It is different to accept compliments, for lack of a better word, yet I know I must. With friends like you, like all these women, circling together for spirit… I will strive to hold that space of “Thank you. I know.”

Client Love

Kristine Olsen

Writer, speaker (Channeling workshop)

Kate changed my life! I am an attorney, atheist and science enthusiast, and to say I am skeptical about metaphysics or an afterlife is an understatement. I shared a dark personal dilemma with Kate in a social setting and she asked if I would be open to her “insight.” I reminded Kate of my beliefs, or lack of belief, and rather than disagreeing she asked a simple question, “Do you believe the universe is made up of energy?” Obviously that is a truth I can’t deny, so I said “yes.” Kate then said “That’s all metaphysics really is, the recognition and interpretation of energy.” Her’s was an intriguing “real world” explanation that allowed me to be open to receiving her unique talents.

During my session with Kate, I half expected theatrics and smoke and mirrors, yet the reading was casual and unchoreographed and the information direct and unambiguous. I can’t say for certain if she was channeling spirits and interpreting energy, but I can attest that the message she received and shared with me that night was precisely what I needed to hear and it changed everything. I no longer live with the same fears and regrets and each morning I start fresh and without baggage.

At a defining moment in my life Kate provided me with insight and clarity that I was unable to provide for myself, and dare I say it was almost magical.


Paul D. Spear

Attorney at Law (Reading)

I am grateful to you for providing the peace of mind to be able to be present and live in trust and love with your insights. I have a profound shift that I don’t know how to describe. It has enhanced my ability to help others more clearly. I value you more than words can say. You are a most amazing example of growth. I appreciate the love you and Elliott share. I honor the way you model loving relationship for me. I am honored that you see me.


Marguerite Duran

Acupuncturist (Reading, Creative Journaling)

Our session together felt both profound and nourishing. You have challenged me to re-circuit both how I present myself and how I am being in the world. We covered a lot of information and aspects of my current life path, so I am choosing to be gentle with myself and allow time to process it.

I went back over my notes after my meditation and have chosen this morning to focus on what it means to bridge the physical and spiritual; and your question to me, “Do I remember that I am safe and nothing can harm my soul?”. The trust that I am safe comes when I feel my soul as an expanded essence, not just something that is mine. I first have to feel the expansion of this beautiful energy. Then I know that no harm can come to this expanded energy. Thank you for your insight and your beautiful connection to God!

Client Love

Leslee Willes

Willes Consulting Group, Inc. (Reading, Be The Artist of Your Life)

Kate is a Being of light sent to BE that light and help uncover the light in others. Time spent with Kate is a gift to and for the Self.

A reading with Kate is a multi-layered experience, one that illuminates and shifts my life in subtle yet tremendous ways. First Kate shares, with confidence and precision, a description of my personality and tendency traits. Then, she takes me deeper into the details of those aspects to reveal hidden characteristics of myself… that I am now ready to see and know. I am humbled by her accuracy; relieved to know I am on purpose; and spurred by curiosity and resolve to live with greater consciousness.

I notice a shift in my being after my time with Kate. Merely being seen so thoroughly and validated so gracefully invites a subtle shift in my relationship with myself and those I love. The very day of the reading, I begin living more consciously through my widened heart. My walk is lighter upon the earth and I feel a greater connection to everyone.

If you are of a mind to cultivate your latent aspects, then let Kate serve you through the gift of her psychic abilities. Beware: if your heart is open ….your life will change.


Brenda Baker, Ph.D., LPC

Kate is an insightful, wise and incredibly accurate guide.  She has the ability to see right through my stories and help me see the bigger picture.  I have made tremendous positive changes in my work and family life because of the guidance and coaching I have received from Kate, including expanding my business, trusting in the unknown, detaching and allowing our children to be independent young adults, and relaxing and enjoying life.  Her positive outlook, truthful guidance and joyful approach has helped me to be my best self.  Kate reminds me to find my joy, to smile throughout my day and know that everything is always working in my favor.  I truly value everything that Kate offers as a mentor.

Client Love

Leslee Willes

Willes Consulting Group, Inc. (Ireland Retreat, Workshop)

More Client Love:

Kate is organized, fun, calm, confident and knowledgeable.

She makes it fun!

She gives a safe place to play, set aside perfection, and encourages play.

She opened me to connection and the luxury of saying yes!

She creates space for discovery, invention and creativity.

She helped me love myself more.

She gets who we are and where we are going.

She creates a space of love and creativity that allows me to expressing my feelings.

Kate lights up every room she walks into.

Her process of self-understanding helps others understand themselves

She makes people feel safe and brings practical and pragmatic information to them.

She brings others to the deepest calling of their spirit.

She brings a sense of spiritual security and helps release old patterns.

She assists others in learning the cosmic design of their own soul.

She helps you release the fear of living and step into the joy of life.

She suspends judgment to be in a state of awareness.

Kate Anders is a medium and a channel. She offers private sessions and workshops to empower and guide clients to their highest potential. She also paints and writes poetry. She is a retired educator who was selected by U.S.A. Today in 2000 as one of the country’s outstanding teachers. Kate lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband who is a composer and sound engineer.


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