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Golden oak leaves


Part of my work as a medium through Conscious Insight is to offer solace and perspective to individuals who have lost loved ones. Each session is an opportunity to reaffirm life’s continuous evolution. It is an honor to facilitate a sense of calm, connection, and closure.

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Dramatic clouds above water

Be Like Clouds… and Change

A few months ago, a friend confessed that he loves looking at clouds, their ever-changing images and graceful movement. He was a bit embarrassed mentioning it. I see cloud gazing as a vastly underrated pastime, calming the mind, soothing the heart, and opening the imagination.

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Kate in a red jacket

The Red Jacket

Many stories have been shared about the power of visualization and dreams coming true. Our first house had an uncanny resemblance to the one on our vision board created two years before we purchased our home. Saturday, however, it happened on a smaller scale. 

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Kate Anders is a medium and a channel. She offers private sessions and workshops to empower and guide clients to their highest potential. She also paints and writes poetry. She is a retired educator who was selected by U.S.A. Today in 2000 as one of the country’s outstanding teachers. Kate lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband who is a composer and sound engineer.


Portrait photography and photo of oak tree on the homepage by Christine Harris.

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