Did you know that there are seven weather elements? They are: temperature, air pressure, cloud formation, humidity, precipitation, sunshine and wind velocity. My curiosity peaked while walking to the mailbox today. The wind howled fiercely, and the air felt colder because of it. I had to continually hold my hair to the side of my face so I could see and lean into the wind to move forward. Irritation began to set in when a thought whizzed by, ‘I’m like the wind, and would our similarities be the cause of my dislike?’ Afterall, I don’t have a strong reaction to temperature, air pressure, cloud formation, humidity, precipitation and sunshine. Have you given any thought to how you may be similar to Nature’s elements?

As I walked, twigs littered the sidewalk. And the wind busied herself with her annual gardening, clearing trees of dead wood, loosening leaves reluctant to let go, and sending seeds to their final resting place. She’s just like me. I’ve been cleaning closets, corners and cupboards in anticipation of spring’s renewal.

There is also a destructive aspect to wind. Well, I’ve had my share of destruction, arguments that have ended relationships, and fiery disagreements that lay a relationship bare. Like the wind, I’m not wholly responsible for ignition. It takes two or more elements to ignite flames of passion, anger or destruction. Wind is activated in concert with low humidity, high temperatures and precipitation’s refusal to show up. My flammability is less predictable, yet not as easily ignited as it once was.

As I ponder this, I guess we all have assets and liabilities. Perhaps a little more time focusing on the positive would decrease irritation and increase appreciation. I’ll admit that wind has an important role to play in Nature. And, maybe I can be a little more compassionate with her and with myself.

Like it or not, all seven elements are necessary. I just needed to step back to see the bigger picture.