For 2100 years, in the Age of Pisces, we focused on the structures of our beliefs and social systems to build permanence and safety. Now, the Age of Aquarius asks us to shake things up, reimagine those structures and think outside the box. The constraints of the pandemic closed a lot of doors last year and mandated a fresh look at our beliefs, relationships and patterns. It has forced us find new solutions that seemed impossible a week, month or year ago.

I’m examining, with new lenses, my patterns and relationships and reimagining my workspace, goals and bucket list. A small example shifted my kitchen set up. In a flash of insight, I moved dishes and glasses in the cupboards and reordered drawers of utensils. For five years I never gave their location a thought. Then seeing it differently, a more practical placement emerged. Aliveness came with the thought and energy arrived with the implementation.

That process triggered an earlier revelation. A student in my eighth-grade English class played the drums. Each day he brought his sticks to class. His kinetic energy had them continuously tapping on the desk as soon as he had to sit still. He needed that movement to concentrate. So, I’d ask him to walk up and down the aisles and read aloud to the class; the performer in him loved it. However, when it was time for silent reading, the tap, tap, tapping returned. The punitive idea of taking away the sticks or demanding silence would frustrate both of us, and silence for silence’s sake doesn’t foster learning. What could I try that would be a win for both of us? Then I remembered my mother-in-law’s offer of her stationery bicycle, and a solution came to mind. I brought the bike to the school and placed it with its book rack on the handlebars in the back of the classroom. When class started, I asked my student if he’d like to try reading on the bicycle. He said ‘yes!’ without hesitation. There was no tapping, only pure concentration, and an out-of-the-box solution that worked for both of us.

Can you embrace the edicts of the Aquarian Age and think outside the box to reevaluate, revise or reimagine something in your life?