We learn so much when we pay attention to our dreams. This morning I awoke from the following dream.

A wayfaring man came into a small town. He went to a modest home and asked for shelter and a meal in exchange for a story. The woman who answered lived alone and was middle aged. She agreed. He told her she was blessed and had received an amazing gift. She disagreed and said that the only thing she loved was her infant daughter who had died recently. He said, “Yes, that is the gift. You had a rare opportunity to meet your guardian angel in physical form. She was not meant to stay but to learn about you and your world. You are very fortunate; to meet your angel is a gift. She will always be with you and you will always be able to talk with her and hear her. Just listen. The innocent become our angels.”

The emphasis is placed on the word innocent. People have talked about guides and angels, but I had never thought about it in this context. It felt very comforting.