While you are at home for the next 30-days self-isolating, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and old emails, think of what December 2020 will look like. Similar to the photo above, we’ll have a whole new crop of babies who are already labeled the Coroniels. In addition, plumbers will have had a boon installing bidets. The shortage of toilet paper has spawned their sales. As I write this, two bidets are flying off the shelves every minute. Think of the savings in toilet paper, if you can find any, and the benefit to the environment.

The closing of stores and restaurants have forced us to prepare homecooked meals. Personally, my skills in plant-based menus are on the rise. I have several new soup recipes that are delish! And, thanks to a friend who makes a living creating healthy recipes, I’m stewing organic apples purchased from the farmer’s market for a healthier dessert alternative.

Italy has introduced balcony concerts each evening playing everything from mandolins to frying pan lids. This keeps everyone just the right distance from one another. And, with all this time available to us, think of the reading you can catch up on. Personally, I’ve finished, The Tiger’s Wife, On Democracy, and Nothing to See Here is up next.

If it takes 30-days to create a new habit, what shifts can you make to create a new perspective and enhance your life? The Pandemic allows me time to breathe more deeply and to appreciate quiet. Today the constant drone of aircraft overhead has disappeared. I’m more present to nature on walks, even in the rain. Real phone conversations have replaced emails, and with nothing to rush off to, listening is relaxed. You know the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” We’ll he’s cancelled all of my plans, and I feel lighter.

As you think about this “Pandemic,” think of it as a gift of presence, a chance to slow down. Trust, release resistance and surrender to life’s flow. Use these days to reflect. Step away from doing and step into being. In 30-days you may have created a positive change that never would have occurred without this opportunity. And, order that new bidet and say goodbye to toilet paper.

Love, Kate