Today Mercury goes retrograde, the super moon is full, the theme for December is Upgrade ( and the holidays are near. Mixing these together is like making soup, I need the right ingredients in the right proportion for my creation to be tasty and healthy!

First, breathe. It is my most important ingredient and one that receives little credit.

Second, trust. Focus is required for me to remember to trust my intuition, trust the universe to guide me and trust those I love. Once I’ve completed steps one and two, calm allows me to move forward.

Third, the full moon and Mercury retrograde December 3-22, ask me to reflect, review, relate, revise, renew, reconsider or reevaluate. December is my reflective month. What have I accomplished this year? What goals were reached and which ones do I reassess? I have a few friends who love me enough to tell me the truth, to hold the mirror of self-reflection up to me, without judgment, and provide the sounding board of truth. That’s the heart of my soup.

Fourth, once I’ve reviewed the year, I make a gratitude list in my head, on paper or out loud in the shower. I revel in nature’s beauty, appreciate the comfort of my bed, savor the taste of healthy food, the company of cherished friends, even difficulties that created growth. I’ll bet if you began making a list you’d get to 100 without any difficulty. The universe likes to be appreciated.

Fifth, Upgrade, December’s theme takes me back to the “re” list. Blending the first four ingredients gives the soup flavor. Step five asks me to dig deep into the cupboard for ingredients that will make the soup memorable and nourishing.  What are my dreams? What’s on my bucket list? A couple of weeks ago an upgrade I asked for was a trip to Australia. Not more than a week later the opportunity presented itself. Write your upgrades in language that is clear and concise and stated in present tense.

The soup’s magic arises when shared with those I love.

What ingredients are in your bowl?