The little critter in the photo was my companion this week at my desk, I called him Ike. I’d write, and Ike would scurry back and forth across the window. He seemed content, and I enjoyed the distraction and the company. At the end of the week, I decided to take a photo of Ike. To do so, I encouraged him to move further up the glass so he’d be centered in the picture; after which, he moved back to the sill. When I returned to my desk a while later, Ike was gone and has not returned. That made me wonder about relationships, human ones. When we are in the moment and enjoying a relationship, does it often happen that we decide we need to change something, making it more than what it is? Would Ike still be here if I hadn’t forced him to have his picture taken? Did he feel threatened? Or, was this a natural ending and time for him to move on? I guess I’ll just look beyond the glass to the bigger view. At least I’ll have his picture.