With the recent mega fires in the West and major disasters elsewhere in the world, I wondered, what is it that gives me a sense of security?

In my youth, parents and home represented security. In my early twenties, a job and friends were added to that list. The loss of my grandparents, my foundation and my comforters, caused me to rethink my priorities. Marriage rebuilt part of that bunker for a time.

Major life events reset our outlook and our values. An urgency sets in, and we reassess relationships and view life with greater intensity and appreciation.

In my effort to cross life’s fast-moving river, my prime concern was reaching the next secure stone. Every jump set a series of actions in motion: anticipation of the jump, judging the distance, making the leap and regaining my balance. With each jump, I’m presented with a choice: stay where I am and feel safe for a moment or take a risk and grow.

In meditation this week, calm and centeredness returned. And from that stable place, I find it easier to leap from one stepping stone to the next across the rushing and unpredictable river of life. When we make friends with change and allow life to flow, we are our security.