A while back, I had a meditation where I was guided to go to a level of consciousness called, “The Invisible Realm.” At the time, it seemed silly to me. I was guided and encouraged to discern where I was, what I felt and where I was going without the aid of my five traditional senses. I had to trust my inner knowing. In this meditation, I entered through a large door in a tree and took an elevator down to Level 5, accompanied by my guide, Anubis, the mythical Egyptian god of the underworld. When we exited the elevator, my eyesight took in a vast nothingness. Anubis encouraged me to trust and to move forward using only my inner knowing. There was no choice; only the invisible intuition was available to me.  I trusted, relaxed and moved forward through doors, rooms and corridors, and even found a table where I sat and conversed with Anubis.  Once the exercise was complete, Anubis escorted me back to the elevator to present reality.

In the time since this meditation, I’m aware that I trust my intuition and come from my heart far more often than my head. It is nice to know that I know something; however, it often leads me to see that the little part I know is just a piece of a larger puzzle. If I focus on the puzzle piece, I may misinterpret the bigger picture. As I stay heart centered in love and compassion, I’m calmer, and aware of what is in front of me, not what I expect to see.

I have a friend who’s recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. She called to share that she was distraught when the doctor told her she may have 2 months – 2 years left. I felt her life force decrease, not due to her physical condition, but in her response to her doctor’s words. Her belief that doctors are experts invalidated her soul’s wisdom and impacted her physical being. Knowledge of medicine does not equate to wisdom of one’s soul. She may listen to her doctor’s advice and weigh it without allowing it to eclipse her intuitive knowing.

The lessons that come to us are not accidental. I love how they return reminding me to stay connected to the invisible realm and to trust my inner wisdom. I am grateful for their guidance.