Ideas float in the ethers awaiting someone to grab them. Once we take hold, energetic cords reach out to attract and connect us in invisible ways to build on the idea, and then the universe conspires with our intention to transform our vision into reality. Baby Boomer: The Musicalincubated nine years from an inkling to implementation, and on May 18, at the Auburn State Theatre, Elliot birthed his dream.

Rehearsals, out of town guests, last minute adjustments and a million other details intensified over the days preceding the concert. Saturday night at seven, the lights dimmed, the music began, and a near capacity audience brought a level of enthusiasm to the theatre that’s rarely seen. The joy was palpable as Elliot  Anders and Company entertained and enlightened the audience. Even bloopers were endearing. In the last number, the audience stood waving their cell phones in rhythm to Shine Your Light.

After the final bows, members of the audience came to the stage to offer appreciation and gratitude for the evening: “Thank you for creating something positive for us to enjoy,” “I came away so happy,” “It brought back my childhood memories” “I couldn’t stop crying, it touched me so deeply,” were a few of the comments.

Once the audience filtered out the doors of the theatre, the excitement continued. Over the weekend cast and friends shared insights, emotions and pride in what we had conspired to create. Hugs and tears, gratitude and appreciation enveloped us like angel wings.

Today, the house is quiet. Singers, dancers and guests have returned to their regular lives. To wind down, Elliot and I curled up on the couch and watched the final episode ofThe Big Bang Theorythat we’ve followed for the last 12 years. Three themes corresponded to our experience with Baby Boomer. One: you never do anything alone; there is always a combined energy of people and events that, with intention, bring a dream to fruition. Two: encourage your friends and speak your truth with love. And three: change is a constant; when we allow the flow and step into it with love, anything is possible.