My parents came into my head this week as I pondered the various ways the world celebrates fall, harvest and honors the souls of the dead. Elliot and I took time to recount stories of people who enriched our lives.

Fall holidays share similar traditions regardless of the culture or country they represent. The Celts started the process 3,000 years ago. They believed the veil between worlds thinned after harvest and gave souls a chance to visit the living.

In my work as a medium, clients who come to connect with a loved one have experienced some type of communication. They generally dismiss their encounter as a dream or wishful thinking. After years of readings, I know that it is something to pay attention to. Listen, ask questions, write what you hear and repeat. The opportunity to connect is a gift to offer thanks, tell stories, or even ask for energetic support. It brings us together and helps us process grief. Never mind what someone else thinks. It is a healing process we need.

Honoring our family, friends and mentors helps us live in the now. Thanksgiving is another occasion to express appreciation and gratitude and empower us to move forward. My mom and dad and all those souls who touched my life would concur.