Last week, ruminating over an old hurt I asked myself, how long are you going to hold on to something from the past that you have no control over? Immediately a voice in my head responded, “Don’t get sidetracked with meteors while reaching for the stars.”  This one sentence reset my navigational system, and I refocused on the stars. Finally, my vision cleared, and the energy dissipated.

Four insights unfolded through this experience:

  1. Don’t assume. To assume takes me out of the, not knowing mind, and assumptions are generally not correct. Rather than assume, ask questions for a clearer picture and continue to develop understanding and clarification.
  2. Everyone sees the world through the lenses of their own experience. Other’s views may be similar to mine but never exactly the same.
  3. I’m responsible for my character. If I act from love and follow my heart it will always be best for all.
  4. Change is nourishment for body, mind and spirit, and I take a generous dose regularly.

Meteors create drama in their path. Their fleeting brightness and speed draw attention. I’m learning to acknowledge their show, remain the spectator, and return to my own celestial journey.