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A custom workshop on journaling, art, inner work, empowerment, creativity, channeling and writing or a combination. If you have a group I design each workshop to your specifications. The content, number of people, the length of the workshop and the location determines the cost. Please contact me for more information.

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A few times a year, Kate offers workshops on writing, art, inner work, empowerment, creativity, and channeling. The content, number of people, the length of the workshop and the location determines the cost.

Kate offers a variety of opportunities for insight, growth, and travel with her workshops and retreats. She encourages you through playful activities to discover your potential and realize your dreams. She inspires each participant to connect with Source to step into their best lives. She models integrity, perseverance, and compassion. Her outgoing and optimistic personality encourages you to take risks, listen to your intuition, and expand your imagination. Kate’s gatherings supply an opportunity for transfiguration: A change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state by opening you to your own knowing.

Previous workshops include:

Channeling: Kate is a medium and occasionally offers a workshop encouraging others to connect with Source and those who have transitioned. When Kate became aware of her gift and began working with clients, she felt that she was a telephone operator making calls between worlds. She called her business, “Dial the Dead.” She wants you to see communication with source as a natural occurrence.

Be your own best friend: Art, meditation, journaling, and conversation create a full day of self-discovery and to connect you to your power, passion, and purpose.

Be the artist of your life: Re-imagine your life and release what no longer serves. Create a new direction. Revitalize and energize your creative awareness and explore the depths of your talents. Kate guides you to self-discovery through activities that encourage you to connect deeply to your inner artist.

Creative Journaling: Need a new direction? Ready for change? Wondering where to begin? Create a journal to listen to and dialogue with your intuition. Unleash your vision for the future through words and imagery.

Writer’s Groups: Kate keeps the writing process alive by facilitating small writer’s groups and building communities of support and accountability. Her questioning skills and thoughtful exercises keep participants focused on their goals. She’s worked with novelists, screenwriters, poets and many who just want to tell their story.

Retreats: Kate has facilitated two week-long retreats in County Cork, Ireland. The Celtic magic of Ireland, where they say the veil is thin between worlds, is the perfect place to develop your intuition, play, meditate, journal, draw, wander lush gardens and enjoy dynamic fellowship. Your grace, joy, and resolve are renewed, and you return home centered in yourself and your future.

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Client Love

Kate is an insightful, wise and incredibly accurate guide.  She has the ability to see right through my stories and help me see the bigger picture.  I have made tremendous positive changes in my work and family life because of the guidance and coaching I have received from Kate, including expanding my business, trusting in the unknown, detaching and allowing our children to be independent young adults, and relaxing and enjoying life.  Her positive outlook, truthful guidance and joyful approach has helped me to be my best self.  Kate reminds me to find my joy, to smile throughout my day and know that everything is always working in my favor.  I truly value everything that Kate offers as a mentor.

Leslee Willes

Willes Consulting Group, Inc. (Ireland Retreat, Workshop)

Kate…! Wow…do you know how AMAZING you are? What an experience that was…I’m still feeling the effects. Thank you for your trust and faith, which lead you to include me in the invitation list. I actually saw and felt our friendship deepen. Thank you for being there for me.

Emma…[my grandmother] I’ve been talking to her all day! I can’t stop smiling. I was approached by quite a few people last night. All said pretty much the same thing, that I am on the right path. It is different to accept compliments, for lack of a better word, yet I know I must. With friends like you, like all these women, circling together for spirit… I will strive to hold that space of “Thank you. I know.”

Kristine Olsen

Writer, speaker (Channeling workshop)

When my son passed I was feeling guilty that I was not able to help him through his addiction. Through Kate, I was able to release the heavy feeling of guilt and know we are each on our own path. He knows how much I loved him. I am very grateful to Kate for helping me through this time. Kate is open and honest, and you will only hear the truth.


Jackie Cole

Owner, Magic FilmWorks, (Creative Journaling & Reading)

Kate is a Being of light sent to BE that light and help uncover the light in others. Time spent with Kate is a gift to and for the Self.

A reading with Kate is a multi-layered experience, one that illuminates and shifts my life in subtle yet tremendous ways. First Kate shares, with confidence and precision, a description of my personality and tendency traits. Then, she takes me deeper into the details of those aspects to reveal hidden characteristics of myself… that I am now ready to see and know. I am humbled by her accuracy; relieved to know I am on purpose; and spurred by curiosity and resolve to live with greater consciousness.

I notice a shift in my being after my time with Kate. Merely being seen so thoroughly and validated so gracefully invites a subtle shift in my relationship with myself and those I love. The very day of the reading, I begin living more consciously through my widened heart. My walk is lighter upon the earth and I feel a greater connection to everyone.

If you are of a mind to cultivate your latent aspects, then let Kate serve you through the gift of her psychic abilities. Beware: if your heart is open ….your life will change.


Brenda Baker, Ph.D., LPC

Suppose I have a topic, either personal or creative, to share with Kate.  As I speak my words to her, in that moment I feel more energy and depth of urgency. Her art of listening makes my words seem more important, more substantial. Then, she takes a moment to contemplate.  Her canvass of contemplation is huge and playful. Because of her knowledge in so many areas, my story expands in her mind, like a blossom that flowers. She looks to the universe, as well as deep beneath the surface. She might ask a few questions. Then, in her own unique way,  she’ll express the connection between my ideas and the universe, like points on a large sphere, and she’ll remind me of my valuable place in the world. Remarkable! 

Weslie Brown

Playwright and Composer (Ireland Retreat)

Kate, What a joy to be with you on Saturday. Still on the high and energy I received from being with you and learning from your words and prompting. A wonderful group. I received my Maya Angelou book today – I’m going to use it with my leaders at Cabi. Many thanks – I look forward to our next time together.


Suzanne Eisenbrand

Entrepreneur CABI (Be Your Own Best Friend)

There is no finer spiritual guide today than Kate Anders. Her insights, experience and kind heart have help me and my family for years. We depend on her abilities in many ways and appreciate her knowledge of astrology, numerology and guided channeling. She is one incredible woman.

Client portrait for testimonial

Rev. Genevieve Coleman

Ireland Retreat

I am grateful to you for providing the peace of mind to be able to be present and live in trust and love with your insights. I have a profound shift that I don’t know how to describe. It has enhanced my ability to help others more clearly. I value you more than words can say. You are a most amazing example of growth. I appreciate the love you and Elliott share. I honor the way you model loving relationship for me. I am honored that you see me.

Client portrait for testimonial

Marguerite Duran

Acupuncturist (Reading, Creative Journaling)

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Kate Anders is a medium and a channel. She offers private sessions and workshops to empower and guide clients to their highest potential. She also paints and writes poetry. She is a retired educator who was selected by U.S.A. Today in 2000 as one of the country’s outstanding teachers. Kate lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband who is a composer and sound engineer.


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