Do you have a process that you know will move you from complacency into action? Yesterday, I was a bit lethargic. I viewed it as post-partum depression. A week earlier, after a year’s planning, I’d concluded my second retreat, Journey of Joy, in Ireland. The anticipation of the event and the joy of spending time in Ireland with incredible people was euphoric. The trip exceeded my vision. Now a week later, I sat at my desk with my cat curled in my lap and coffee in hand wondering ‘What’s next?”

Elliot was away rehearsing for his upcoming concert. I called a friend who listens well and offers sound advice. Encouraged and uplifted by our conversation, I knew what I had to do to reclaim my energy and exuberance — it was time to move furniture. This late-night ritual provides me perspective.

Moving furniture activates my muscle memory for new inspiration. I start with the vacuum. Each piece of furniture is moved aside, rug vacuumed and ready for reorganization. I examine each item and decide if it remains in place or is repositioned. On completion, around midnight, I’m sweaty from exertion, and my malaise is eclipsed by enthusiasm.

Through this process of rearranging furniture, my thought process is also rearranged. By the time the room feels right, I have a new plan and a new goal. Today, I awoke eager for my first cup of coffee and filled with a fresh outlook and an elevated spirit. How do you ignite your spirit?