With the full moon and the total eclipse tomorrow, take time to focus on your intentions, dreams and desires. Don’t allow drama that is not yours to enter your space. Concentrate on appreciation and inspiration. Trust yourself, love yourself and listen to your intuition.

Change is a requirement of growth; without it, you deteriorate and stagnate. I feel changes daily and every now and then it is a complete rebirth. A snake sheds its skin, a caterpillar emerges from its chrysalis, and I emerge from my former self over and over again. Some years the shifts are more noticeable than others, however, transformation is ongoing.

I continue to have conversations with my former selves. We are a community. I find it helpful as I move through these stages of my life to always check in with my five-year old; she has the best bead on what she wants. My teenager is not about to do something that strays from her value system. My thirty-five-year-old reminds me of what didn’t work and how much I’ve changed; she’s the level-headed one of the group. My fifty-year-old explains it’s time to be in charge of my own life and to step up my game. And my sixty-five-year-old is in cahoots with the five-year old reminding me of how therapeutic play is…but in different words.

When was the last time you dialogued with your selves? Your team has a wealth of information. You just need to start the conversation and ask for input.