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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    How do you know what you know?
A:    That is a good question. I receive and trust what comes through. I began my work as a medium at the request of some people who felt I had a gift. Many of my initial sessions were observed and recorded with positive feedback from all who were present. This initial beginning gave me the confidence to continue. I have come to trust my inner wisdom and my goal is to empower you to trust yours.

Q:    What do I need to tell you about myself when making an appointment?
A:    I would like to know why you are interested in an appointment. Do you want a numerology reading? Are you interested in resolving issues with someone who has passed? Do you want insights regarding the direction of your life? Do you need to work through some areas where you feel stuck? Once you have shared that, I need your name, as it appears on your birth certificate, your date, time and place of birth.

Q:    What is the cost of a reading with you?
A:    It is $250 for a reading lasting an hour.

Q:    Once I’ve had a reading, can I call you with a question?
A:    Yes.

Q:    Do you record the reading?
A:    Yes, I record it and send you an MP3 file, within a week.

Q:    I don’t live near you; do you do readings over the phone?
A:    Yes; it’s just as if you were here. And it is recorded.

Q:    How often do people come to see you for a reading?
A:    A general reading is often scheduled yearly. Coaching may be weekly, monthly or determined by your needs.

Q:    Can I come back to talk again to the person who has passed?
A:    Generally, I don’t recommend it. As part of our session, I will guide you through the steps to make that available to you on your own.

Q:    How should I prepare myself for a reading?
A:    Writing down your questions ahead of time is helpful. Also, take time to quiet your mind and focus on your purpose for the reading before our appointment.

Q:    How can I get a sense of what you do?
A:    There are statements in the ‘Endorsement’ section on this website that offer you an insight into sessions. You are welcome to ask questions when you call for an appointment. Most of my readings are by referral, and the person who referred you can answer many of your questions.

Q:    How long have you been doing readings?
A:    I have been doing readings, workshops and presentations professionally since 1991.

Q:    Do you combine some of the things you do in a reading?
A:    Yes, depending on what you are asking for. We work together to determine what is best for you.

Kate Anders is a medium and a channel. She offers private sessions and workshops to empower and guide clients to their highest potential. She also paints and writes poetry. She is a retired educator who was selected by U.S.A. Today in 2000 as one of the country’s outstanding teachers. Kate lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband who is a composer and sound engineer.


Portrait photography and photo of oak tree on the homepage by Christine Harris.

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