My friend Christine Harris and I coined this phrase on our first trip to Ireland for my Journey of Joy workshop, and we playfully use it often. It reminds us to release expectations and trust in a benevolent Universe that sees a better way than we’ve imagined.

An experience that exemplifies this principle and led to this change in my perspective occurred on a flight to Indiana for a week-long yearbook sales training at Purdue University. Arriving at Indianapolis International Airport, along with four other attendees, I asked if the company hosting our training had made arrangements to transport us to our hotel. One person said a shuttle would be at the airport to meet us. I half-jokingly said, “I’d like it to be a limousine.” The group looked at me and in unison exclaimed, “Seriously?!” “I’m just putting the idea out there,” I said with a smile. We walked to the shuttle stop, and on the other side of the street down a half block, was a dilapidated black limo with four flat tires.  The group laughed and pointed, “There’s your limo!” I accepted their comments good naturedly. Fifteen minutes later, a new, white limo pulled up to take us to the hotel. I didn’t say a thing; I just smiled enjoying their gaping mouths.

I related the story to the event director on a break mid-week in our training. He appreciated the story and let me know that the shuttle bus would return us to the airport. Without hesitating I mused, “Maybe so, but my imagination still holds the vision of a white limo.”

After the closing session, the five of us packed our bags and gathered in the lobby to await the shuttle. Our conversation was animated sharing stories of our week together. “Kate Anders, please come to the front desk,” called the desk clerk. I leaned in at the counter and said, “I’m Kate Anders.”  “Your limo is waiting just through those doors to your right.” My eyes widened and my breath took a sharp intake and held. I walked to the door, and there it was, the white stretch limo. I looked over my shoulder and addressed the group that had followed on my heels to the door, “Would you like to join me or wait for the shuttle?” They piled in.

This powerful demonstration of intention, visualization and release surprised me just as much as the others. I’d played with an idea, imagined it without limiting thoughts, visualized the scene and let it go. This may have been the most valuable lesson of the week for the five of us.

What is the future you desire? Can you playfully imagine and visualize your dreams then release them to the universe? The new moon is a powerful time to envision your best life, for the month, for the year and beyond. Imagine it, see it, release it! Why? Because everything is always working out for us!

When our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonders to us.  ~John O’Donohue