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Boat on water under dark clouds

Silence, Sleep and Surrender

Returning from my walk across Scotland and elated with my accomplishments, I returned tethered to shore in my safe harbor. I'm energized and wondering what’s my next project? After a few weeks, my upbringing kicks in, and the voices of my parents echo in my head. “You can’t just sit around. Do something useful.” Languishing…

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Say “Yes” to Life!

As I reflect on my life, there are a few constants that keep me vibrant and young at heart. I’ll walk Sotland’s 134 mile, John Muir Way to honor my 75thyear next month. Here’s to the grace of Yes! Be happy. Happiness fosters optimism. It allows me to walk on the sunny-side of the street. Nurture your inner…

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The Joy of Creation is a Team Effort!

Ideas float in the ethers awaiting someone to grab them. Once we take hold, energetic cords reach out to attract and connect us in invisible ways to build on the idea, and then the universe conspires with our intention to transform our vision into reality. Baby Boomer: The Musicalincubated nine years from an inkling to…

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Reach for the Stars!

Last week, ruminating over an old hurt I asked myself, how long are you going to hold on to something from the past that you have no control over? Immediately a voice in my head responded, “Don’t get sidetracked with meteors while reaching for the stars.”  This one sentence reset my navigational system, and I…

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I came across this entry leafing through old journals yesterday, and it tickled my fancy. The photograph is from my recent trip to Ireland and was taken from St. Charles Fort in Kinsale, County Cork. "I'm a pane; I shatter so easily." "That's why we're together. I hold you securely." "I do feel safe in your firmness." professed…

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Moving Furniture

Do you have a process that you know will move you from complacency into action? Yesterday, I was a bit lethargic. I viewed it as post-partum depression. A week earlier, after a year’s planning, I’d concluded my second retreat, Journey of Joy, in Ireland. The anticipation of the event and the joy of spending time…

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Kate Anders is a medium and a channel. She offers private sessions and workshops to empower and guide clients to their highest potential. She also paints and writes poetry. She is a retired educator who was selected by U.S.A. Today in 2000 as one of the country’s outstanding teachers. Kate lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband who is a composer and sound engineer.


Portrait photography and photo of oak tree on the homepage by Christine Harris.

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