Studying the chakra system, I’d been taught that the root chakra, our first chakra, represented the “Tribe,” the center for conformity, adherence to rules, beliefs and traditions of the ancestors. By following the rules, protection and survival were assured. To veer from the tribe instilled fear of alienation, or worse, death. As I considered “The root” chakra feelings of rebellion, resentment and repression arose. Non-conformity seemed alien, and as an alien, I moved up the ladder to the Sacral chakra. This was the energy that promoted my ability to move forward, enjoy life, appreciate abundance and connect with joy to others. Now this was my chakra. Each time I learned about a succeeding chakra, I questioned why many people remained in fear and the conformity of The Root!

Recently, that is two years ago, I heard a friend say that the Root chakra was the house of belonging. Ah, I said to myself. Now that is different, that allows an acceptance of the individual and yet offers connection. The underlying realization that surfaced with that revelation was that belonging is internal. Feeling a sense of personal belonging, a welcoming of myself allows me to belong to the tribe or family. One leads to the other. Without personal belonging, group or family belonging cannot manifest without the fear of alienation.

If I continue to look outward and wonder why someone has included me or left me out, I’m not centered in my own belonging. Connecting to myself, accepting myself, frees me to stay focused on what is important to my growth and enjoyment.

The freedom of my self-acceptance allows me to be the fluid initiator of my life. I connect to others yet independent of them. I trust that the universe knows where and when my presence is requested. And, I honor her decisions.

Looking from freedom rather than fear, I see the Root chakra as the connection to self, and through the self, I connect to my larger community.