The sun rises in the mist over the loch at the Liss Ard Estate in County Cork, Ireland. Mornings are tranquil as I pad downstairs to brew the morning coffee. Every window holds magical views of gardens, trees and pathways, all nature’s creations. One by one you come into the kitchen. Hugs are the first order of the day, then coffee or tea, you share your dreams or insights on waking or inquire about the day’s destinations. The kitchen is lively as Irish soda bread warms in the toaster, and when ready is covered Kerry Gold pure Irish butter.  Today, we’ll make the mile trip Skibbereen to the market for locally grown specialties to nourish your body and soul.

Once awake and energized by the crisp morning air and delicious conversations, we move into the gathering room by the fire to begin our guided meditation, journaling and discuss the day’s plans. The 163-acre grounds of Liss Ard, are filled with miles of paths, vistas and reflective spots to sit and commune with nature. This afternoon’s lunch is potato leek soup with soda bread and a mixed green salad with vine ripe tomatoes. Did you want tea or wine with that?

The town abounds with quaint shops, a bookstore, historical society, pubs and friendly locals.  One or two of you may choose to work on that manuscript you’ve brought or explore paths in search of the perfect photo to accompany your expressive poetry or find a comfortable place in the sun room to read or paint. Later in the afternoon, you may decide to help in the kitchen, share a favorite recipe or open a bottle of wine. The week flows effortlessly. This restorative trip is a ticket that delivers you to tranquil, spacious and comfortable lodgings. Your private reading with Kate offers insights and clarity to your goals and dreams. Daily meditation, writing and stimulating conversations renew your spirit.