As the holidays approach, I’m making longer to-do lists and wondering, how much time I have to grocery shop, order holiday cards, buy gifts, clean, schedule parties and arrange travel. This morning, I read a piece in a book that sits by my bed that reminded me to stop, breathe and be in the space between atoms. It said we are mostly space, just as the universe is mostly space. “From that space comes ideas, growth, innovation, imagination,” and as a result, from that void comes magic. It went on to say that our purpose in this lifetime is to enjoy, to play and to create.

It reminded me of our moving odyssey three years ago when we found a home we loved in Paso Robles, and were inspired to move. After escrows fell through, we were equal parts panicked and devastated. Pausing, we regrouped and took time each morning to appreciate our current home and share what we wanted in a new home. In less than a month, we sold our home for more than was initially offered, found a home in Auburn, California, and moved. By shifting our focus from forcing change to a playful imagining, we created space for the magic to happen.

So this morning, remembering that there is only the present, I surrender to the Universe and let its magic unfold by savoring the season and the joy that surrounds me.