It’s only about one thing, and that one thing is love.

We are all here, Ascended Masters, ancestors — all one — surrounding you, loving you, encouraging you, appreciating you, seeing potential in you, growth in you, and above all, love in you.

We appreciate your courageousness, your innocence, your joy, your fear, your truths, YOUR love and your laughter. Laughter’s the great healer. Do not take yourself so seriously. Play is the biggest teacher. Play allows growth without the realization of growth—in joy and in love.

Dance! Sing! We love your voices. We love the sounds of joy. We love the sounds of laughter. We love the passion of love. That is your magic. You have come together by your choice to realize your commitment to the Universe. Do not limit it to the planet. Know that the planet has healing powers. Don’t underestimate Mother Earth’s ability to re-envision herself. She is in your care. She does need your love and your nurturing. Just as she nurtures you, you must nurture back. Nothing is ever one way. But it goes beyond Mother Earth. She is also in relationship as you are in relationship. Everything is part of you and you are part of everything. You are very powerful, but you must be gentle with power.

Innocence is a great gift. Find that innocent within you. Nurture the innocent. There is great value and wisdom in the innocent that we have covered up over time. And you, collectively, can remind people of the innocent, of the playful, of the joyful, of the laughter, of the goodness that comes from all of that.

Don’t focus on what might have been. Don’t focus on how things must be. Don’t focus on the way or the direction. The biggest gift is to remain present, playful, in the loving spirit of the innocent.

Your gifts are varied, as it should be. Many of your gifts are yet to be revealed. Do not think this is going to be easy, it is not. Maintain the joy and LOVE that all of you know, is essential. Stay in the flow. Everything that comes to you has meaning—even though, of course, you’d like to disagree with that on occasion. You are powerful. We know that you have yet to realize all your power.

Focus on your gifts: love, joy, laughter. The gift that you will pass on to posterity is to follow the joy. Find what brings you joy and share that. That’s as deep as you can go. There’s nothing greater than joy. What makes you joyful? Follow it. Share it. It is like a bee in pollination, that is the honey and everyone is drawn to honey.

Know that we are with you. That anyone of you has the ability to call on us, to share with us, to ask us questions, and we will always answer. We are grateful for the work you are doing, for the joy that you are brining, but you are just beginning. You have much work to do, and we say to you: We love you, and follow your heart, joyfully. Thank you.