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Tickets to Adventure

A year ago, I started Pilates at a new location in a new town with new people. Now, a year later, remembering driving directions, adapting to a new teacher and integrating the class into my day has become routine. Gone is the initial thought required for the drive, the program, and the process.

Routine feels safe and comfortable. New activities enlist the mind in creating new neuro-pathways. Our anxiety or fear of the unknown makes us hesitant to try something new. For me, new experiences offer tickets to adventure. Like diving into a lake, it takes trust, resolve, and holding your breath for a few moments.

A trip to Italy and Ireland represented that dive for me this year, adding fresh vistas, interesting people and extended practice in planning and problem solving. Other events that activated my neuro-pathways included a weekend trip to the wine country, a train ride and a look in the paper’s calendar section to discover local events that peaked my interest: a lecture, a movie and a concert in the park. My favorite ‘freshen-up’ is rearranging furniture, not everyone’s choice of activities; however, it gives me that sense of new without moving.

In my quest for the unaccustomed, I began initiating conversations with strangers in lines at grocery stores, airports, restaurants and theatres evoking interesting exchanges and unexpected connections.

Dives into uncharted territory present me with tickets to view the world anew.

What are your tickets to adventure?


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  1. Kristy S. Champagne March 29, 2018 at 5:19 pm - Reply

    Hello Kate,
    What an absolutely wonderful weekend. I have been inspited. I really felt a kindred connection with you and wonder how you would feel about being a mentor?
    I have spent the majority of my life on grand adventures, chronically through journals and film. When I started my career as a firefighter I lost a lot of me. Because I wore a uniform daily my closet became bland and uninspired, I traveled less for pleasure because I traveled all summer with work, chasing one disaster after another. It became exaughsting. I wrote less because I wrote so many reports writing for pleasure was the last thing on my mind. My job consumed me and it almost literally ended me.
    So I’m starting over. Getting back to who I really am and what my life’s purpose is. On this grand quest I could really use a teacher mentor. I am excited and scared to dig in but it is time. Mother Ayuaska has been calling. I shared my grand idea to fly to Peru and then take a boat 2 hours up the Amazon river. Even tho that is totally me, I really need to consider others now. Like my husband and daughter who will worry. So now is the time to rein me in and look closer to home. Can you point me in the right direction?
    Again what a real blessing to meet you Kate. I hope you will consider working with me I coukd really use a mentor. This is all new to me.
    With much love and respect,

    Kristy Champagne

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