Tuesday, I leave for Italy and a writer’s retreat in the hills above Florence. My plan came together spontaneously two months ago and expanded into a new way of thinking and taking action. Earlier this year, with the help of my co-presenter, Christine Harris, I facilitated a retreat in County Cork, Ireland. The magical and transformative week exceeded my expectations. Once home and settled, I wondered, What Now?

Others must feel the same after they’ve completed their goals. Do they have other desires? The elation felt when goals are realized is followed by the jolt of, What Now? I thought of a roller coaster: anticipation steps in, fear grips the bar and excitement builds in the ascent.  I look down and hope my stomach stays in place. The downward thrust offers the momentum to deliver me to new heights to set new goals, and dream again.

My adventure can only be what I make it. I’ll write, visit friends and enjoy the mountains of Italy. Traveling from Italy to Ireland, I’ll spend time with a new friend, Mags Daly at Liss Ard, and talk about adjustments to next year’s retreat.

Questions help quantify and fuel discovery. What techniques empower me to set new goals and continually adjust my course to make a difference in the world? Dream, question, assess, change, act, implement and dream again. That’s What Now…for me.

What Now?   April 23-28, 2017  –  Liss Ard Estate, County Cork, Ireland